Greg Lyon: Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie

Greg Lyon: Nowhere Near PoughkeepsieMidriff Records is releasing the debut solo album by Boston music mainstay Greg Lyon on Dec. 4, 2010. It is titled Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie and PA’s Lounge in Somerville MA will host the record release party on Sat. 12/4. The album will be available in digital and hardcopy format at outlets such as Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, local walk in record stores, etc. and of course, the Midriff Records Store. Greg has been a fixture in the Boston music scene for years starting with Kipper Tin feat. Sarah Borges at the turn of the century. He backed Eldridge Rodriguez on 3 albums and has fronted and written for Pending Disappointment and The Spanish Armada. Two years ago he was invited to become the 5th permanent member of The Beatings and he has a regular job in non-Midriffers, Birds Make Birds.

Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie features performances by Sarah Borges, Eldridge Rodriguez, and members of the Spanish Armada. The guy is connected. Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie displays Lyon’s vast influences, ranging from 60′s pop, to Alt Country, to Indie Rock. Simple song structures with low-fi production and warm organ tones are spread throughout Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie creating a familiar yet whole original listening experience. You will want a copy… you will need a copy. Lets support one of Boston’s finest!