February, 2012

Free Age Rings download

Age RingsWe are proud to present an exclusive, free download from Boston’s finest, Age Rings. The band is covering the Harry Nilsson classic “One,” and it’s only available here.

Age Rings: One (single)

Look for an EP by Age Rings this spring on Midriff.

Age Rings’s Black Honey got a lot of attention when we released it last year. The album was championed by reviewers and wound up on a bunch of “Best of 2011″ lists, so if you are up for some light reading, here you go:

The Beatings: Italiano LIVE!

Holy crap are we old. This year marks the 10th anniversary of The Beatings’ Italianoan album that the Washington Post picked as their #5 Editor’s pick on their “Best of 2002″ list (it beat Eminem), Punk Planet raved about, the Village Voice routinely cheered when previewing The Beatings NYC shows at the time, LA Weekly championed, Mojo featured, The New York Times dug and their hometown of Boston completely ignored.

Well Boston, we believe in second chances…don’t blow it. To celebrate the album’s birthday, the band will be playing Italiano in its entirety as part of our residency at Radio on Friday March 23, with guests Louder My Dear, the Relations (from NYC) and DJ sets by Celebrity Handjob. Expect a circus.

Ten Years of Midriff Records

Radio, Somerville MAWe’ve  given you a month to settle into 2012 and we hope you are comfortable and sitting down because big things are happening at the Midriff camp this year and we hope that you’ll continue to come along for the ride.  2012 is a special year for us because it’s our 10 year anniversary (observed) as marked by our first official release, the much ballyhooed first full length by Boston’s The Beatings titled Italiano.

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