May, 2012

Coming Soon – Age Rings: AM/PM

Age Rings: AM/PM

Sooooooo, we have a new release on the horizon.  On May 26th, Midriff Records will be releasing a new EP by Boston’s Age Rings titled AM/PM.  AM/PM is the follow up to their critically acclaimed November 2011 full-length Black Honey.  Age Rings had a great bunch of months following Black Honey and AM/PM works nicely as a shorter companion piece to last year’s full length.
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Free Download: Vapour Trail (Ride cover)

Jay Breitling runs the fantastic Clicky Clicky Music Blog. This month Jay curated a wonderful compilation album featuring Boston bands covering the album Nowhere by Ride which is available as a free download. Midriff artists Eldridge Rodriguez and Greg Lyon both contributed tracks to the album, and Lyon designed the artwork. It’s a really fun release that will excite fans of Ride as well as fans of the participating bands. Jay guest posts this week and introduces our latest free downloadable single, only available here at Midriff Records.

Eldridge Rodriguez: Vapour Trail (Ride cover)

You ever find $100 on the ground and there’s nobody around for blocks and you’re holding the bill in your hand and smiling and saying “holy shit,” over and over again, no exclamation point needed because there’s no one there to hear you? No? Well that’s too bad — happens to me all the time. But most recently I got that feeling when the songs started to roll in to Clicky Clicky headquarters for Nofuckingwhere, the free, digital compilation we released a couple weeks back. In case you missed it, Nofuckingwhere featured 11 Boston bands performing the 11 songs from RIDE’s 1990 classic shoegaze album Nowhere. We added the fucking. Judge not lest you be judged.

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