June, 2012

Fashion = Art: Our Interview with Arte-Puro

   Arte-Puro is a fashion house in Brooklyn.  Their striking and unique style mixed with their practical approach to sustainable fashion is exactly the type of independent spirit we like to champion.  Their pieces are beautiful, equal parts applied fashion and high art.  We dig it and think you will too.  Clayton interviewed the Leonor Aispuro half of Arte-Puro.  Find out more about local designers and support independent fashion… you’ll look better.

The Sweet and Macabre Work of Eliza Jane Seastone

Eliza Jane Seastone’s work is odd and wonderful.  She works in wide and varied mediums, from standard acrylics to pillow cover design to fantastic cake decoration. What we love about her work is the common thread and theme that runs through much it, a subtle and tasteful touch of sweetness mixed with the macabre. While many of her animal paintings seem to fit comfortably in the cannon of children’s book art, closer examination revels a deeper narrative in each painting. Look again at the sad, defeated eyes of her elephant riding a ball or her bear on a bicycle, which seems to be not only dissatisfied with his position in life but also painfully aware of how it robs him of his dignity.

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