July, 2012

Oscar Worthy Performance?

To: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

Re: MiniBoone “Brand New Thing” and specifically Cameron Keiber’s groundbreaking performance… I broke ground!!!

Our buddy Pat Breen of GarbageTown Films just released a video for MiniBoone’s “Brand New Thing”. It’s a beautiful and fantastical story of two kids’ journey to get fucked up on junk food. They steal, reflect and party at Bigfoot’s house all while trippin’ balls.

But our favorite part is the stellar performance by the young fresh faced actor playing the convenience store clerk, a subtle yet complex portrayal of a man struggling against time and disrespectful youth to reclaim his rightful place in a chaotic world. A performance that is only enhanced once one lipreads the immense stream of profanities flung from his mouth in such a short amount of screen time. The role of a lifetime not so much for the actor but for you, the viewer, and Beatings/Eldridge Rodriguez fans the world round.  All this and looks too… I’m officially a triple threat! Oh, and Pat made one hell of an awesome video.  For your consideration…


It’s Like Pluging Our Selves in the Face

We posted one of these Midriff Records promotional bumper vids a while back featuring Ian Adams.  This one features Eldridge Rodriguez w/ live footage splitting up some talk with Clayton and me. We had done it, hadn’t used it and with the big Midriff vs. Verbicide Mag. for Night VI of Residency at Radio show happening tomorrow (FB Event Link) Sat. 7/28 we figured now was as good a time as any to make it public. Self indulgent and gratuitous? Oh, most definitely… but we do what we want here in Midriff-burg.  Enjoy.

Interviews, camera work and editing done by the great Tom Bellotti (check out the gallery of his work that we posted a few months back here).  To see more of Tom’s videos check out his vimeo site. Live footage taken at Radio in Somerville, MA.

What’s the Going Rate for Scrap Lucite?

“… right down to some copper wiring.  They took everything but the Boston Music Award.” – Victim’s name withheld.




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Free Music: Live Age Rings

We’ve got free music we want you to own.  This is “Under the Rug” from a show Age Rings did at Pianos in NYC in 2011. The studio version of this song appeared on their Black Honey release which can be found here.  Enjoy.

UPDATE!!! UPDATE !!!! Midriff vs. Verbicide Mag. for Night VI of Residency at Radio

We are half way through our year long residency at Radio in Somerville, Ma commemorating our decade of indie/DIY music. It’s a blast. We have something special happening for the July edition.   We’ve asked our friends at the online magazine Verbicide to co-curate the evening. It’s going to be great.  We’ve been fans of Verbicide since back when they were publishing their print edition. What is great about their magazine is that although music is heavily featured their focus goes beyond that.  Verbicide’s Fiction section is fantastic and their original Comics are inspired.  It’s really a great institution, with tons to check out and if you haven’t been visiting them regularly you are cheating yourself.  We really dig them and were psyched that they’d be building the July bill with us.


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Free Music: Celebrity Handjob x0 -CHj vs K-Tel [Supastition DJ Mix]

           Celebrity Handjob x0 is the moniker David Grabowski (Louder My Dear , Eldridge Rodriguez,  Scuba (US)) uses when he’s making magic. There are a bunch of his remixes floating around the inter-tubes already, but we are going to start making you aware of free Midriff related stuff floating around on this here blog on a regular basis… starting with his K-Tel Mix.  It’s a 40 min. plus, ‘70’s wander-lust  that makes the decade seem sexier, creepier and more exciting than it actually was… well, maybe not creepier. Grab your slacks and enjoy your ‘stache. We’ve got the hi-fi covered for your 4th of July BBQ. We want you to know about free stuff.