September, 2012

Residency at Radio Night VIII: Midriff Records vs. Boston Band Crush

Our year long monthly residency at Radio in Somerville, MA celebrating a decade of indie/DIY greatness continues. September is a special edition as we ask Boston Band Crush ( to co-curate.

Midriff Records vs. Boston Band Crush
Sat. Sept. 29, 2012

Eldridge Rodriguez
The Daily Pravda
Relations (NYC)
Eksi EksoRadio / 9-29 / $7 / 8pm doors / 21+
Their site is and FB is
We will be raffling off two chances to win the hardcopy (CD format) versions of choice selections from the Midriff catalog that night!!! Over 10 CD’s each time … two chances to win the night of the show!!! Discs by The Beatings, Hands and Knees, Scuba, Ian Adams, Get Help, The Spanish Armada, Greg Lyon, Kudgel and more… If you are unfamiliar with us, it’s a great primer.The monkey and the unicorn face off… and check out bands and dance together!! This is gonna happen!  Come on out!!!!

Hold on to Your Friends…

“Hold on to your friends/ Like you were holding onto hand grenades”

I wrote these words several years ago and now I’m embarrassed by them.  They display a cynical and misanthropic world view toward people whose only crime was to show me kindness and companionship.  It’s a childish stab at bravado and, while dramatic, offers nothing constructive or sincere and in light of whats happened this week, are regretful.

I run with a close knit group of around 30-40 (give or take)  friends and last Friday we lost someone who we loved dearly.  Someone who was an integral part of all of our lives and someone who I thought I’d grow old with.  A core member of our circle.  It’s taken me a few days to come to terms with what happened.  I’m starting to recognize that my anger was misdirected and that I’m beginning on a path to accepting that he’s gone.  It’s painful, but it’s painful for everyone who’s been affected by his death.

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