January, 2013

Beatings on the Television


If you don’t live in the metro Boston area you probably/maybe have only a peripheral knowledge of “The Bubbler”,   the super informative music oriented and band profile  show hosted by Ryan Spaulding of the Ryan’s Smashing Life blog and aired on CBS’ MyTV 38 Sunday nights over the last few months.  We love the show and reviewed, profiled  and posted a clip (featuring me) a few posts ago.

Recently, the show aired a profile and extended interview with The Beatings, where we talked about the band and Midriff.  Since we announced it’s broadcast, we’ve been getting emails from fans and friends outside of MA asking where they can see the segment.  Here it is… for your consideration.

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The Midriff Records Year Long Residency Ends (in Tears)

389501_10150477534429844_1781955436_nSaturday December 29th marked the last of our (just short of) a year long residency at Radio celebrating the label’s decade plus  in existence.  Our year long, monthly residency celebrating a decade of indie/DIY indulgence came to an end.  It was a really wonderful year of shows (and sometimes exhausting. I played everyone of the nights… sometimes twice).  Our intent was to make each show different and special and we hope the folks who came out month after month enjoyed them as much as we did. Below is a full list of who came out and played with us as well as some press on some of the shows.  We also included some of  our favorite show posters.

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The Scrutiny Podcast – 001 w/ Anngelle Wood, Carl Lavin, Rob Potylo

Scrutiny place holderMany, many… many weeks ago former Boston Band Crush editor, Richard Bouchard and I sat at Radio, bitching about certain constructs of the Boston music scene.  “Why are booking agents like…” and “Does Boston radio really need more…” and “Media?!?!… let me tell you somethin’ about local media”… we eventually evened out and realized how entertaining, cathartic and informative these sessions could be.  I’ve talked to out of state friends and participated in similar discussions all across the country.  Everyone in every music scene everywhere are having them.  Frank, honest, emotional, sometimes unfair conversations about music and the music industry are ubiquitous.

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