February, 2013

Midriff in Brazil

tumblr_static_logosuper8ito_pequeno  Just a quick note but a really cool one.  Recently I was interviewed for the great Super8ito blog out of  Sao Paulo, Brazil by Diogo Antonio Rodriguez.  We talked about Midriff, The Beatings and my thoughts on the Boston music scene, past and present.  We discussed the differences and similarities between Sao Paulo and Boston.  We talked and talked.  It was a really great time and I want to thank Diogo for inviting me and preparing such thoughtful and insightful questions.  You can hear the final product at the link below.  Granted, if you understand Portuguese you’ll get a lot more out of it.  If you don’t, you can do as my Scrutiny Podcast partner Richard Bouchard did and give an impressed nod when he heard my name or a word he recognized.  I also got to pick a song and used the opportunity to introduce Brazil to the greatness that is Boston “Chimp Rock” giants,  Kudgel.  Super8ito!!! Check it out regularly.  Hopefully we’ll get down there soon and meet the awesome folks of Sao Paulo.

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The Scrutiny Podcast – 002 w/ Sophia Cacciola, Sabrina Boyd, Ryan Spaulding

Scrutiny place holder

Several months ago Richard Bouchard, former editor of the Boston Band Crush Blog, and I hatched a plan to record a series of  panel discussions with local and national music industry folks on topics that effected them directly.  It was the same conversations we were all  having late night at a party or after a show at the club.  These conversations can get heated, bitter, unfair and loaded and we weren’t sure that people would be willing to expose that side of themselves publicly through frank discussion. We found that they will.  By having honest and frank discussions we learn something new, validate a perspective we may not have had before and come to an understanding on the people and processes of a community we cherish.  Sharing is a wonderful and humbling experience and we are gonna do more of it.

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The Breen Machine Theme

293788_10101111718788440_1672374860_nMy friend Mr. Pat Breen is a film maker who has directed a slew of music videos, none more important than MiniBoone’s video for “Brand New Thing”, if only because he cast me in it.  A few months back we posted my review of both the video and my performance (spoiler…. I’m awesome!).   Lately,  I’ve been of the opinion that Mr. Pat Breen  needed a theme song.  Something that he could put up there on his site,  Garbagetown, and would play when you entered.  Something to, I don’t know,  help pull people passing by the storefront in and drum up business.  So I made a deal with Mr. Pat Breen and it’s a deal I’m not sure he ever official agreed too.  If he directed no fewer than 2 , but with a possibility of more, music videos for Eldridge Rodriguez I would in turn write and record a theme song for him.  Well, Mr. Pat Breen…. I’ve held up my end of the bargain.

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