March, 2013

The Scrutiny Podcast – 003 w/ Luke O’Neil, Tad Mckitterick and Maxwell Nagel

Scrutiny place holderRichard Bouchard and I continue our exciting and unfair exploration of the music scene here in Boston and beyond in the April edition of The Scrutiny Podcast.  Our guests for this episode are writer Luke O’Neil (The Village Voice, Esquire), musician Tad Mckitterick of the glam rock band Sidewalk Driver and owner/blogger of the brand new Indie, Bikes and Beer Blog Maxwell Nagel.  It’s our first annual sausage fest!

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Nostalgia Download!!! The Beatings Cover GBV!!!


We’ve been sorting through tons of disks and files, culling what will be the extra/bonus tracks  included on the upcoming untitled Beatings  remastered/reissued EP’s compilation due out later this year… and we came upon this gem.  If memory serves me, and it often doesn’t, this was somewhere around 2003/2004 after the  “Italiano” LP but before the “If Not Now, Then When” EP. The Beatings closed a headlining slot at the now defunct Continental, located off St. Marks in NYC with “Smothered in Hugs” by Guided By Voices.  The sound is taken from the booth which was close to the front, so the room sounds sparse.  But I don’t ever remember us not filling that room so I’m calling bullshit on the crowd mics.  I don’t know… maybe no one was there.  But I’d prefer to remember it packed… it’s a matter of pride, sue me.

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