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Eldridge Rodriguez at Redstar Union Video!!! Bonus! Daykamp Photos From the Night!!!

photo credit: Jonny Anguish

photo credit: Jonny Anguish

Last month our good friend, Scrutiny Podcast co-host, TT the Bears talent booker and all around super indie rock ranger, Richard Bouchard curated a super show at the Redstar Union facility in Kendal Sq., Cambridge, MA and he invited Eldridge Rodriguez to be part of it.  It was a blast and now we have video of the performance for the people who didn’t feel like showing up.

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Beatings on the Television


If you don’t live in the metro Boston area you probably/maybe have only a peripheral knowledge of “The Bubbler”,   the super informative music oriented and band profile  show hosted by Ryan Spaulding of the Ryan’s Smashing Life blog and aired on CBS’ MyTV 38 Sunday nights over the last few months.  We love the show and reviewed, profiled  and posted a clip (featuring me) a few posts ago.

Recently, the show aired a profile and extended interview with The Beatings, where we talked about the band and Midriff.  Since we announced it’s broadcast, we’ve been getting emails from fans and friends outside of MA asking where they can see the segment.  Here it is… for your consideration.

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The Bubbler (MyTV38, Sunday 11 PM) – An Unapologetically Biased Review

We were pretty pleased when we heard that Ryan Spaulding was getting a TV show. We were excited for him and the local music scene that he has supported for 6 years.  He’s championed our label and roster since his beginnings and we’ll be eternally grateful. Least you think this is a sycophantic ploy to get on his show, let it be known… we’re already on it.  In fact, we were doubly pleased when the show asked permission to use The Beatings, “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” as the program’s theme music.

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For No Discernable Reason…

… video of me (cameron) warming up at Radio 10 mins before an Eldridge Rodriguez set upstairs earlier this year with a solid performance of “Born to Run”.  Just one of the many reasons we love Radio and our partnership with them this year w/ the residency run.

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For no discernable reason…

… here is video of M.G. Lederman (Victory at Sea, No Love, Thalia Zedek) playing the No Love song “Rt 16″ to a captive audience of stuffed animals.










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In case you didn’t show… No Love debut wrap up w/ vid

No Love had their debut show Wends. 11/7/12 at the Middle East Downstairs as part of the Victory at Sea Reunion Show and Benefit for Donna Shroupsky-Rains.  Donna faces mounting medical bills while battling breast cancer and the crowd came out in force to support her and help make things slightly more manageable.  Personally, it was a great honor to share the stage with Victory at Sea, a band who The Beatings came up in the scene with and we’ve always felt a sense of camaraderie.

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I Was Lonely…Then You Showed Up- Ellen Ruden, Our Gallery and Interview

NYC photographer Ellen Ruden shoots vast and beautiful landscapes and cityscapes.  Her vibrant colors give her work a dream like quality often characteristic of impressionists, but Ruden’s colors pop so vividly while combined  with such desolation that I can’t help feeling there is a slight surreal element fighting to poke through as well. Her b/w’s are just as striking, giving the prevailing sense of loneliness and isolation, that are such a common theme in her work, extra depth… the extra bit of “umph” that really sells a  piece for the viewer. We like it a lot. So should you.

We did a bit of an interview with her that we’ll post below/following the gallery of  her work. In said interview we discussed big, big ideas like “What constitutes “art”?”, “Is the work always a fair and accurate representation of the artist?” and “How you gonna keep the girl in Iowa now that she’s seen the big city”… among other things, both personal and whimsical.  If you’d like to contact the artist please do so through the blog via our “Contacts” page.

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Midriff/Verbicide, Show/Bout Wrap Up

On July 28th, 2012 Radio hosted Night 6 of our year long residency at the club commemorating our decade meddling in the Indie/DIY music landscape.  We asked the wonderful folks of Verbicide Magazine to co-curate.  Verbicide got Yellow Bird Project involved and YBP was generous enough to provide us with a copy of their “Indie Rock Poster Book” to raffle off the night of the event.  It was an incredibly special evening with amazing performances by Home Body, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Greg Lyon and Eldridge Rodriguez.  Verbicide has some great shots and a gallery of the bands here. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to the super bands that performed.  Thanks to Yellow Bird Project for being so charitable, Radio for being so supportive and allowing us to continue having these events, and to Verbicide for participating and consistently being fresh, informative and one of the few music mags out there whose opinion I trust. I took some awful I-phone pics of the other three bands, but I have them so I’mma gonna show ‘em. Thanks again everyone.

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Oscar Worthy Performance?

To: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

Re: MiniBoone “Brand New Thing” and specifically Cameron Keiber’s groundbreaking performance… I broke ground!!!

Our buddy Pat Breen of GarbageTown Films just released a video for MiniBoone’s “Brand New Thing”. It’s a beautiful and fantastical story of two kids’ journey to get fucked up on junk food. They steal, reflect and party at Bigfoot’s house all while trippin’ balls.

But our favorite part is the stellar performance by the young fresh faced actor playing the convenience store clerk, a subtle yet complex portrayal of a man struggling against time and disrespectful youth to reclaim his rightful place in a chaotic world. A performance that is only enhanced once one lipreads the immense stream of profanities flung from his mouth in such a short amount of screen time. The role of a lifetime not so much for the actor but for you, the viewer, and Beatings/Eldridge Rodriguez fans the world round.  All this and looks too… I’m officially a triple threat! Oh, and Pat made one hell of an awesome video.  For your consideration…


What’s the Going Rate for Scrap Lucite?

“… right down to some copper wiring.  They took everything but the Boston Music Award.” – Victim’s name withheld.




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