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Eldridge Rodriguez at Redstar Union Video!!! Bonus! Daykamp Photos From the Night!!!

photo credit: Jonny Anguish

photo credit: Jonny Anguish

Last month our good friend, Scrutiny Podcast co-host, TT the Bears talent booker and all around super indie rock ranger, Richard Bouchard curated a super show at the Redstar Union facility in Kendal Sq., Cambridge, MA and he invited Eldridge Rodriguez to be part of it.  It was a blast and now we have video of the performance for the people who didn’t feel like showing up.

It was a wonderful night that also included great performances by Sidewalk Driver and Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys.  Bouchard put together a killer show.  If you haven’t been to Redstar Union yet you are denying yourself one of the most special venues that this country has to offer. Please, please, pleeeeeeeaaaase check out their site to find out more about Redstar and then go to a show.  It’s a state of the art facility that offers a live music experience that you’re not going to get anywhere else.  The video will give you a taste of what seeing a show there is like, but you really need to be at a live taping (all shows are streamed live online) to appreciate how much fun Redstar Union is. It’s the proverbial “Shit”.  The E.R. set that night included “Big Dead Heart”, “Giving Myself Over to Boston”, “Run, MF, Run” “The Shame of the Scene” and more.

Thanks to Steve, Mike, Autumn, Tara and all the other great folks at Redstar for hosting Eldridge Rodriguez.  Thanks to our dear friend and colleague, Richard, for inviting us. Thanks to the fine, fine people who came out to the live show to see it, the wonderful people who watched us live online that night and you at your computer right now reading this and preparing to waste some minutes on us. Thank you. Check out the preview that leads off the set for evidence that we are difficult people.  It’s not something we’re proud of, it’s a burden we carry. Enjoy the vid.

BONUS!!!!!! Our friends at Daykamp Music just posted some amazing still photos of the Eldridge Rodriguez set that night.  Jonny Anguish has taken some of my favorite music photos of all time (his fucking Superchunk shot from the Paradise in Boston last month?!??!?! Mac in the air?!?!?! COME ON!) but this set includes my hands down favorite pic of myself…… ever.  Mr. Anguish caught a very subtle, wonderful moment of me at a point where my usual grimace began to morph into a delighted smile as I looked out at a sold out room of people dancing, smiling, having fun and happy that we had all decided to spend the evening together.  It’s a funny, magical photo… it’s my favorite.  Its’ the pic that accompanies this post. You can checkout all the Daykamp pics of Clayton, Dave, Dennis and me from the Redstar night over at the Daykamp Music site: .  Thanks Jonny… You make us look like we know what we are doing while making us look cool to boot… and we appreciate it.

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