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Free Download: Vapour Trail (Ride cover)

Jay Breitling runs the fantastic Clicky Clicky Music Blog. This month Jay curated a wonderful compilation album featuring Boston bands covering the album Nowhere by Ride which is available as a free download. Midriff artists Eldridge Rodriguez and Greg Lyon both contributed tracks to the album, and Lyon designed the artwork. It’s a really fun release that will excite fans of Ride as well as fans of the participating bands. Jay guest posts this week and introduces our latest free downloadable single, only available here at Midriff Records.

Eldridge Rodriguez: Vapour Trail (Ride cover)

You ever find $100 on the ground and there’s nobody around for blocks and you’re holding the bill in your hand and smiling and saying “holy shit,” over and over again, no exclamation point needed because there’s no one there to hear you? No? Well that’s too bad — happens to me all the time. But most recently I got that feeling when the songs started to roll in to Clicky Clicky headquarters for Nofuckingwhere, the free, digital compilation we released a couple weeks back. In case you missed it, Nofuckingwhere featured 11 Boston bands performing the 11 songs from RIDE’s 1990 classic shoegaze album Nowhere. We added the fucking. Judge not lest you be judged.

Download after the jump…

Download the “Vapour Trail” cover by Eldridge Rodriguez

At the heart of Nowhere for many fans is the romantic strummer “Vapour Trail,” and Midriff’s fearless purveyors of uplifting angst and decaying beauty Eldridge Rodriguez batted zero out of eight eyes when I asked them to contribute a song, opting for “Vapour Trail” right away. Taking on the song, emotionally, was a no-brainer for the quartet, which would bridle at the label emo but nonetheless is damn fluent working the gamut of emotions from determined disgust (“Lord Help Me”) to aching longing (“Lexington, KY”). It’s an understatement to say we were eager to hear what came back from the foursome.

I was not disappointed. Eldridge Rodriguez didn’t just figuratively make this song their own: by my math 32.4% of this version of “Vapour Trail” is actually of E.R.’s own doing. The band took an epic, time-honored jam and made it even more epic-er, adding almost 90 seconds to RIDE’s album version of the track (and more than two minutes when compared to the live version from the Kaleidoscope promo EP). Sure, we admit the foundation of the extended groove is just vamping on RIDE’s chord progression. But E.R.’s version of the track gratifyingly collapses into a dazzling typhoon of storming drums, arcing feedback, and gloriously WTF handclaps. Sounds pretty great, right?

But wait, there’s more! Not content to just rock the face off this beautiful and sweetly sentimental classic, Eldridge Rodriguez cut a second vocal for an alternate version. IN SPANISH, BITCHES. Which is what brings us together today. Exclusive to the Midriff Blog is the download of this much-talked about alternate version of “Vapour Trail.”  Today is your day. ¿Las manzanas? ¿Como te gustan?

Our sincerest thanks to the band for not only participating in the making of Nofuckingwhere, but in knocking the proverbial pig-hide off the song.

— Jay Breitling, Clicky Clicky Music

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