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In case you didn’t show… No Love debut wrap up w/ vid

No Love had their debut show Wends. 11/7/12 at the Middle East Downstairs as part of the Victory at Sea Reunion Show and Benefit for Donna Shroupsky-Rains.  Donna faces mounting medical bills while battling breast cancer and the crowd came out in force to support her and help make things slightly more manageable.  Personally, it was a great honor to share the stage with Victory at Sea, a band who The Beatings came up in the scene with and we’ve always felt a sense of camaraderie.

Victory at Sea were absolutely beautiful that night and gave a heartfelt, impassioned performance. It was also fun to watch Mel pull double duty.  Also on the bill were Wheelers and Dealers (advertised as featuring Mary Lou Lord who was a no show) and Reindeer.  It was a super night and one I’ll never forget.  The performances, the heart, the support, the crowd getting behind a good cause…all of it was just super.  We have some performance video of No Love (which features me [Cameron Keiber], Sarah Borges, Mel Lederman, Ian Adams and Mike Joy) shot by Bob Colby and some local press regarding the show.  If we missed any let us know and we’ll add it. Enjoy.  Hope you come out for the next one.  Album is in the works and will be super.

No Love – Boston Pheonix

No Love – Boston Globe

No Love – Boston Band Crush



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