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M.G. Lederman – I’m Ghosts – Release Date: Feb. 25, 2014 – STREAM NOW!

M.G. Lederman: I'm Ghosts I’m Ghosts, the second full-length album from M.G. Lederman showcases the trio at their most stark and jagged as the musical groundwork laid with their 2010 debut, What Ifs and Bad Memories comes to full realization.  Built around Mel Lederman’s haunting piano and emotionally charged lyrics, the band doesn’t hesitate to explore the darkest regions of heartbreak and isolation, all the while lightened by Lederman’s uncanny ability to inject his own wry humor into the seemingly hopeless narrative.

I’m Ghosts should appeal to fans of Mel Lederman’s previous work in Boston’s famed and cherished Victory at Sea as well as fans of his current work with Thalia Zedek (Come, Live Skull).  Many may recognize Mike Joy’s guitar work from his previous band, the much ballyhooed Shore Leave as well.

I’m Ghosts was recorded in December 2012 by Andrew Schneider at New Alliance Studios, Cambridge, MA and features guests performances by Thalia Zedek,  Sarah Borges, Ian Adams and Paul Janovitz.

Although the album is currently digital download only and won’t be available to purchase online until February 25, 2014, you can stream it here now or at the Midriff Records Soundcloud  for the time leading up to the release.  We want you to be able to spend some time with a release that we are incredibly proud to have on our roster.  There is a record release show at TT the Bears Place in Cambridge MA on Feb. 19th w/ The Rationales, Reindeer and Thick Wilde.  So please enjoy I’m Ghosts for the coming weeks and then come out to the release show and after that pick up the album at Itunes, Amazon, The Midriff Records Store or anywhere you legally download your music.  In the meantime you can follow M.G. Lederman’s every move at their FB.


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