The Beatings: Italiano

The Beatings: Italiano

The Beatings


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“At its highest level, rock and roll has a visceral energy matched by intellectual prowess. This is rock as art and not just fun. The Beatings, a four-piece band that calls both Brooklyn and Boston home, seems to hit this highest standard on its recently released CD “Italiano.” Hard-rocking it has less in common with today’s indie bands than it does with groups like Husker Du and the Ass Ponys. Which means it’s a band that seems unconcerned with trying to fit into a certain niche and focuses instead on creating a riveting, propulsive and ever-changing sound.”

—Joe Heim, the Washington Post

“Definitely one of the best CDs I got to hear in a while. I heard these guys and girl on Boston’s 89.3 on the way to work and forgot the named of the band. Needless to say, I hear this rocking-out song (“Twins”)with this repeating guitar squelching noise, and I was more than psyched. The song has that catchiness accompanied by an embracing noise, sort of like Husker Du or Superchunk. That song alone has the ability to make you just go and grab your (air or otherwise) and jam along, and it only gets better from there. “New Destroyer” is a truly depressing song, but you can’t help but bob your head to it. “Addicted to Freaks” brings the rock back with a great singing/screaming duet. Musically, The Beatings change direction multiple times, but there’s a real sense of character to the music that keeps welcoming you back. You can call it “postpunk”, you can call it “aggro, indie rock”, hell, call it whatever you want. Just make sure the word “great” is in there. Italiano is a keeper.”

— Dana Morse, Punk Planet

MDRF001 | FEB 2002 | 59:41 | Full Length CD
01. 2000 1:17
02. Twins 3:40
03. How Many Times Can You Say Goodbye to the Same Person? 4:41
04. Nothing 2:46
05. Fucking 0:48
06. The Art of Leaving 6:04
07. I Don’t Know the Truth (But I’ve Memorized the Rumors) 4:46
08. New Destroyer 4:29
09. Gratis & Keiber 1:02
10. Opportunity Crisis 3:00
11. Stock Car Driver’s Lament 1:22
12. Two Steps Back 5:42
13. Addicted to Freaks 1:53
14. Refueling Vehicles 3:41
15. Art of Leaving ii 1:34
16. Heavy Metal 4:13
17. Bloated and Disabled 8:24