The Beatings: 6 Hz

THE BEATINGS: 6 HZThe Beatings

6 Hz

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“Expecting a punk band and not getting one … bringing back memories of the days when R.E.M. would really rock out, raw and energetic. There are hints of a Yo La Tengo-type noise, and when mellowness hits, it swirls into a dreamy guitar mood, with the vocals just screaming over the slow drive of the rhythm. The CD ends with a very raucous song that carries hints of early Buffalo Tom, but with the vocals almost falling apart, hoarse and broken, but very alive.”
— Marcel Feldmar, The Big Takeover

“Every so often I seem to get bitch-slapped by a band I’ve never heard before. Blindly, I stumble around, asking myself, “Why haven’t I heard these guys?” So let me ask The Beatings something: What took you fuckers so long? This Boston-based group’s latest 5-song CD EP 6hz has been kicking my ass up and down for about a month now, and it’s been the most depraved, satisfying month of my life. The Beatings rely on simple, punkish rhythms augmented by manic leads and strained (but inherently melodic) vocals … This works to a great effect on tracks like “Brighter Than Bright” and “Wring Me Out,” the latter showcasing some excellent, inventive guitar work. The best track on the EP, “Experimental Test Monkey,” would have been a classic power-pop tune in the late 80s. Its fragmented leads, assured drums, and mournful, insistent vocals take hold of your brain harder with each listen, kinda like that Alien pod slowly making its way into your mouth and down your throat. By the time you’ve listened to this CD for a couple weeks, it’s too late. Your stomach is about to explode and get blood all over the inside of the nice clean spaceship walls. Oh well.”
—John Wenzel, Sponic

MDRF002 | Feb 2001, SEP 2002 | 31:59 | CD EP
01. Brighter Than Bright 4:24
02. Experimental Test Monkey 3:19
03. Shark Attacks Are On the Rise 6:02
04. Wring Me Out 4:02
05. No Glen, It’s a School Night 6:16