Eldridge Rodriguez: This Conspiracy Against Us


This Conspiracy Against Us

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This Conspiracy Against Us is a bizarrely beautiful record. Eldridge Rodriguez sings like a cross between Nick Cave and Thom Yorke, plays guitar like a rabid Tom Waits, and writes like the working class lovechild of Rivers Cuomo and Jeff Tweedy. Each song on here is downright perfect, from the cutting “Stillborn in New Jersey”, to the spectacularly emotive “Lexington, KY”, to the post-punk “Why I Fear the Ocean”. Despite varying influences from The Fall to The Cure to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to Gang of Four, This Conspiracy… stays coherent all the way through. There are no missteps here. Everything falls into place. The album gets depressive, but it is lush throughout. Rodriguez rises above the throngs of singer/songwriters who stick with happy pop songs and pushes what a singer/songwriter should be with straightforward lyrics and simplistic guitars – and no one else sounds like him. Eldridge Rodriguez is simply too talented to ignore.

- Garrett Lyons, Verbicide Magazine

MDRF009 | Feb 2007 | 51:01 | Full Length CD
01. You and Me 3:11
02. Stillborn in New Jersey 2:15
03. Next Year’s Prom Song 3:10
04. You Get What You Want 4:40
05. Tirefire 4:30
06. Track 14 0:05
07. The Deal Breaker 4:15
08. Planets Fall 3:52
09. Black History Month 3:37
10. Lexington, KY 7:21
11. Parade of the Saddest Girls 3:10
12. This Conspiracy Against Us 4:02
13. Why I Fear the Ocean 3:29
14. Break What We Can’t Take 3:37