Spanish Armada: S/T



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“What the The Spanish Armada gives you on their debut is an excellent helping of hazy moody indie-rock that draws some from Sonic Youth’s lo-fi experimentalism along with a bit of a shoegazy melodic swirl that gives the band at times an eerie dark ambiance that is helped along by the bands often darkly themed lyrics. The band categorizes themselves as a noise-rock outfit, but this most definitely isn’t the sort of noise that strikes with sludge filled bass or in the red raw recording methods, no, this is the sort of noise that is deceptively delicate and finds its craft through many hidden melodies buried underneath the layers of wandering guitar work and fuzz. Repeated listens prove to be even more rewarding as the songs begin to reveal themselves further. Definitely give this album a listen, especially for those that enjoy a bit of a somber vibe to their haziness.”

— Built on a Weak Spot

MDRF014 | October 2008 | 44:48 | Full Length CD
01. On The Giving And Receiving 3:41
02. Hotel By The Sea 5:30
03. Laying Down My Arms 2:17
04. Empty Packs 3:58
05. Hospital Corners 6:54
06. Day Break 2:20
07. Marathon Arms 4:08
08. Sober 4:44
09. The Captain’s Gone 5:41
10. Homesick 2:53
11. Lit by a Whale Oil Lamp 4:09
12. Start Writing Up The Truce 7:02