Hands and Knees: Et Tu, Fluffy?


Et Tu, Fluffy?

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Et Tu, Fluffy? creeps in on acoustic guitars and handclaps, and just over half an hour later creeps out again the same way, buoyed by a lovely hook played on a thumb piano. But for a record that comes and goes so modestly, nearly every song of the album’s eleven is a perfect little self-contained world. “Hot Little Item” blends a shuffle beat with new-wave guitars and a chorus that draws on “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain,” and “You Thought it’d Make You Feel Better” manages to fit the twisted boy-girl harmonies of X right next to Minor Threat and an amped-up Paisley Underground bounce. “Anywhere But Here” throws turbulent, noisy guitar up next to a tart and echo-laden female vocal performance, and the vocal performance on the 90-second long “Shove It Up Your Heart” is a tough little mash note to Exene Cervenka and John Doe of X.

I do suppose it’s odd to claim that the future is made of three-minute pop songs complete with handclaps, but plus ça change, I suppose. We don’t have jetpacks yet either. In any event, Hands and Knees have made a damn good charming and winsome little record, and kept their eyes squarely on making the eleven songs on Et Tu, Fluffy? as good as distorted, low-fi power pop is likely to get.

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John Owen, Blogcritics

MDRF016 | APR 2009 | 35:15 | Full Length CD
01. Midnight in the Applefield 3:14
02. Hot Little Item 3:39
03. You Thought It’d Make You Feel Better 2:20
04. A Great Pain 3:58
05. Blue Day Moon 3:20
06. You Got Pop, You Got Style 2:53
07. Anywhere But Here 2:37
08. Do You Really Need a Drummer? 3:57
09. We Are the Man Who Cannot Fly 3:36
10. Shove It Up Your Heart 1:34
11. Whatever Happened to that Beautiful City? 4:11