Eldridge Rodriguez: You Are Released


You Are Released

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The strengths of ER’s songs (both old and the new ones) are their heady emotional intelligence which underscore his lyrics and his oft-contrarian pacing. (To this point; have you ever seen someone’s heartbreak while they smile powerless to stop it? Or a fast-paced, upbeat song about dissolution and remorse?) You Are Released is Eldridge Rodriguez’s 10th studio album, 6 with his band The Beatings, 4 solo. Like his 3 previous solo albums, You Are Released was recorded with Ray Jeffrey and continues his tradition of deconstructionist pop, this time around relying heavily on beats, loops, post-punk arrangements and noisy orchestration. Rodriguez has a way of communicating angst, stress, doubt and loss as well as anyone I’ve come across. Clever in his wording, songs may take on special, new, meaning on second or third listen – perhaps even weeks down the road following first listen.
Ryan’s Smashing Life

MDRF020 | MAR 2011 | 41:50 | FULL LENGTH ALBUM
01. The Big Windup 3:27
02. Little Rage 3:20
03. What A Difference A Drug Makes 4:06
04. The Shame Of The Scene 4:03
05. This One Send The Cast Home 4:29
06. Fragile Things 2:41
07. Disposable Stars 2:58
08. Punchline To The Massacre 4:43
09. Run MF Run 4:23
10. Miss Me When I’m Gone (feat. Sarah Borges) 3:36
11. It Takes So Long 4:11