Z*L: Z*L




Z*L are a rock band unlike anything happening in the current indie rock landscape. Formed in 2011, their self titled full length debut is packed with their signature style; a combination of fuzz and reverb heavy surf guitar and haunting subject matter. Z*L’s beautiful yet quirky harmonies, dark lyrics, driving rhythm, and energetic live shows got them immediate attention in their fickle hometown Boston music scene and drew comparisons in as wide a range as the Jesus and Mary Chain, X, Pixies, Dead Moon, Joy Division, and Mudhoney. While moving beyond their influences Z*L has created a sound and style that is original and recognizable as their own while still performing in the great tradition of power-psych rock and roll. Within these 10 tracks you’ll hear screaming noise guitar, beautiful country ballads, sweaty rock and roll and prickly modern rock accompanying ghostly images and eerie narratives. This collection covers a lot of ground. It’s a really fun album and harkens back to a time when rock and roll was still dangerous, while setting a high bar for stylized rock to come.

Isabel Reilly (vocals and bass) , Ian Adams (vocals and guitar) and Jack “Knife” Guilderson (drums) cut their teeth in such popular Boston bands as The Ghost Of Tony Gold, Rock City Crimewave, Vera-Go-Go, and Slim Jim And The Mad Cows, all having received national media praise. A press kit for their individual past projects can be cobbled together upon request.

MDRF026 | APRIL 2013 | 40:57 | MP3 FULL-LENGTH
01. Mike Hill 3:47
02. Bat Child 3:19
03. Black Luck 4:51
04. Mermaid Knife 3:35
05. Steev Millar 4:21
06. Leave Me Low 3:46
07. A Town Called Romeo 4:05
08. Black Meds 3:41
09. Copper Bell 4:50
10. When I was Dead 4:42