M.G. Lederman: I’m Ghosts

M.G. Lederman: I'm GhostsM.G. Lederman

I’m Ghosts


I’m Ghosts, the second full-length album from M.G. Lederman, showcases the trio at their most stark and jagged, as the musical groundwork laid with their 2010 debut, “What Ifs and Bad Memories” comes to full realization.  Built around Mel Lederman’s haunting piano and emotionally charged lyrics, the band doesn’t hesitate to explore the darkest regions of heartbreak and isolation, all the while lightened by Lederman’s uncanny ability to inject his own wry humor into the seemingly hopeless narrative.

Mel is a talented and seasoned performer, having honed his skills over many years of touring in the United States and Europe, both with his previous band Boston’s  Victory at Sea, and as a member of the Thalia Zedek Band (fr. Come, Live Skull).  The trio of piano, guitar and drums that comprises M.G. Lederman, while initially conceived as a vehicle for Mel’s solo songwriting output, has grown and developed into a band in its own right, with a signature sound that sets them apart from the current indie rock landscapeI’m Ghosts features guest performances by Thalia Zedek,  Sarah Borges, Ian Adams and Paul Janovitz.

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MDRF028 | FEB 2014 | 31:00 | FULL-LENGTH DIGITAL
01. Medication Meditation 3:18
02.Blue Car, Full Moon 5:08
03. Restaurant 3:42
04. Dignity in Decay 4:03
05. Dirty Dishes 2:56
06. Bay Ridge 3:56
07. Starry Night 3:53
08. Union Square 3:26