Greg Lyon: Landlocked to the East

Greg Lyon: Landlocked to the East cover art

Greg Lyon

Landlocked to the East


Greg Lyon has been a part of the Boston indie scene since the late 90′s. He has played with a multitude of bands such as: Kippertin, Pending Disappointment, The Spanish Armada, Eldridge Rodriguez and The Beatings.  2010 saw him branch off on his own for the first time with the release of Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie.  A vast departure from the loud in your face songs we were accustomed to hearing from him.  Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie delivered the same amount of brutal honesty, just at a slower tempo, less distortion and at a lower volume. After two years of shows, a trip to SxSW, countless songs demoed on whatever was available, Greg decided to focus on what he loves doing the most, writing and recording songs.  He went on a two year binge recording his back log of songs written over the years. The fist release of this collection is a collaboration with Shaun Curran at the Napoleon Complex in Somerville MA, titled “Landlocked to the East” A natural blend of walls of sound, ambient noise and feedback behind an acoustic guitar, or stripping a song down to its bare bones and letting the the simplicity carry the song.  No two songs sound alike but somehow all work well together.


01. Western Ave Drug Mule 6:45
02. Vast Departures 3:39
03. A Metropolis Too Small 2:34
04. If I Could Sing 3:34
05. Birds Of Prey, Birds Of Prayer 4:40
06. I Have Bottomed Out 6:39
07. Landlocked to the East 3:19
08. Sorry Virginia 3:16
09.  High Standards 4:15
10. Shiny New Caps 6:28
11. Burn Night Stars 1:44