Eldridge Rodriguez: The Castrati Menace

Eldridge Rodriguez: The Castrati MenaceEldridge Rodriguez

The Castrati Menace


The Castrati Menace wades in a deep pool of various genres, which fluidly mix to make up the nine single tracks on the album. The bands influences are on full display, sliding between each other on each track. Noise-pop and glitch, anthemic guitar rock and electro beats, Industrial indie with sonic slacker abandon, romantic tributes meet with dissonant tones, blips, buzzes and screams. The albums lyrics tend to revolve around themes of failure, redemption, acceptance, friendship in the face of overwhelming adversity and failure again. There is the tongue in cheek, love/hate, take a swing at your-hometown-miss and fall sway. Contemplation of the time that will come when you’re gone and your friends are still here. Good old fashioned traffic revenge. Dance music for kids who like to dance alone. Modern blues. The Castrati Menace (Continuous Mix) is the tenth track. We beg you to listen to it (“please, please please”). The Castrati Menace (Continuous Mix) is the the entire album sequenced with interstitial music in between connecting the nine single tracks and presented as a complete work. While all 9 individual tracks will be available as separate downloads, the 10th track pulls all the ideas together and presents it as a cohesive digital album. It’s how, if we had our druthers, we’d prefer it be presented. It wouldn’t work as a vinyl or cd release because the it’s designed not to be interrupted. We figured since The Castrati Menace was a digi release we should do something special. So The Castrati Menace (Continuous Mix) is kind of like a remix of the entire album with a ton of extra material not available in the singles. It’s the concept and the execution, and we hope you’ll consider giving it some time.

01. Big Dead Heart 5:50
02. Don’t You Feel Bad 3:56
03. PIANO #3 4:00
04. Stay Angry 5:58
05. Social Graces Vigilante 4:55
06. Giving Myself Over to Boston 5:42
07. U Lock Justice 2:45
08. Blame it on Our Youth 4:34
09.  Everyone I Know 2:48
10. The Castrati Menace (Continuous Mix) 50:24