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Free Music: Live Age Rings

We’ve got free music we want you to own.  This is “Under the Rug” from a show Age Rings did at Pianos in NYC in 2011. The studio version of this song appeared on their Black Honey release which can be found here.  Enjoy.

For the Love of Age Rings

Age Rings:Black Honey With the release of our newest album, Age Rings: Black Honey, hitting the general public tomorrow, we thought it prudent to let everyone know what the folks who make it there business to know were saying about it.

“Upon first listen to “Black Honey’’ from Boston’s Age Rings – and let’s get out of the way right off the top that you should listen to it – you might be taken aback at the album’s breadth of song styles. It shifts seamlessly from the bar-rock and chunky-piano riffing of “Important Guy’’ to the Pixies-ish bass-buzz and fuzz of “Rock and Roll Is Dead,’’ to the schizophrenic screaming of “Lemonade,’’ with detours into a looping, loping, Beck-ian drawl, and wounded balladry that would make Conor Oberst weep. It’s like listening to two entire albums worth of material at once.” – Luke O’Neil, Boston Globe

“In the final analysis it is likely time well-spent: Black Honey is one of the very best records of 2011″ – Jay Breitling, Clicky Clicky Music Blog

“Ted Billings didn’t grow up listening to Beach Boys, but he surely got it right when it comes to making great music. “Black Honey” has two of the most important features for a musician: identitiy and (generates) empathy.” – Diogo Antonio Rodriguez, Brazilian Dish

“…we’ve become well acquainted with Black Honey and it’s intellectual and charming pop songs” – Bryan Hamill, The Ash Gray Proclamation

Those are the early results and more accolades are on the way.  The album officially drops everywhere online tomorrow but we couldn’t wait and made it available today exclusively in the Midriff Records Store.  Want to know when Age Rings is coming to play in your town?  Click over to our Shows page and see when and where!  Very exciting stuff! Don’t sit there gawkin’… don’t ignore it… go buy the album!

Links to the full articles are below.

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Available Now – Age Rings: Black Honey

Age Rings:Black HoneyOriginally self-released by the band as a double album earlier this year, the version of Black Honey that we are releasing is streamlined to 14 tracks to create a distinct, concise and wholly original album and concept. Age Rings are a fixture on the regional club scene and have steadily been building a strong national base.

Their first album, Look…The Dusk is Growing was released in 2006 to national critical acclaim, breaking the top 10 CMJ new music chart. Age Rings’ song writer and front man, Ted Billings, writes intelligent narratives following the stories of world weary heroes, always battling themselves on the edge of despair and hope. Very few songwriters can switch so authentically and comfortably between the self deprecating optimism on “Head Up High” and the second guessed suicide of “Ender”. Black Honey is a very special album; a sincere take on modern life that doesn’t rely on musical fads, trends or traditionalism and creates a fresh sound that lies between pop and rock with strong hints of noise.

You can find Black Honey in the Midriff Records Store in MP3 format.

Rock and Roll is Dead [mp3]
Lemonade [mp3]