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Updated: Awesome Day Fest 2014 – Sat. May 24, Allston, MA

awesome day 14We are super excited to be involved in the annual Awesome Day Fest this year.  The festival was started by our friend and Tired Old Bones drummer Jesse Sherman years ago. This year he asked us to help organize and co-curate the day and we are thrilled.  In past years Awesome Day has been a day into night bill taking place at the legendary O’Briens Pub on Harvard Ave in Allston, MA. The afternoon is accompanied by copious amounts of BBQ on the OB’s back patio and the best rock Boston has to offer on the stage.  This year, there is all that and more.  We have partnered with Store 54 and Regina Pizzeria, both across the street from OB’s to include more bands and performances!!! 15 BANDS!!! 3 STAGES!!! ONE AWESOME DAY!!!

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A Holiday Classic Returns! Eldridge Rodriguez Holiday EP- Free Download for a Limited Time!!!

390906_10150397010856651_946536528_nThe holiday classic returns! We are getting in the holiday spirit and offering Eldridge RodriguezChristmas on the Allston-Brighton Line to you for free! This EP/Single will be available to download for free for a limited time and will go back to streaming on Dec. 20, 2013. It is a must have for your holiday party playlists. Check it out below.  Stream it! Download it! Happy Holidays from Midriff Records!

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For No Discernable Reason…

… video of me (cameron) warming up at Radio 10 mins before an Eldridge Rodriguez set upstairs earlier this year with a solid performance of “Born to Run”.  Just one of the many reasons we love Radio and our partnership with them this year w/ the residency run.

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Wrap Up: Special Presentation… “It’s An Indie Rock Halloween, Midriff Records!!!” – Night IX of the Midriff Records Residency at Radio

Show Poster Print

This past Sat. Oct. 27th was one of the most entertaining and wacky nights of the residency so far.  Eldridge Rodriguez was joined by Erin (The Beatings) and Will (Soccer Mom) for a wonderfully loose and respectful set of Pavement covers (never one to break character, Dennis played with a backpack on for the entire set).  Reports played a spot on and energetic set of  New Zealand’s The Clean and ZL rocked a set of songs about Satan with some of the best onstage banter in ages.  In between sets ZL front man Ian Adams read excerpts from “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” and back at the Psychics at Large table the guys organized ghost tours of the club to show off their gear.  We raffled off the original poster art of the show by Ian Adams and were able to raise some money for The Home for Little Wanders in Boston, MA.  And the night ended with hours of drunkin’ Ouija Boarding at the P.A.L. table till the wee hours of the morning.  What a blast!  If you missed it, you missed out.  That is how Halloween parties should be.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks once again to Radio for hosting us.  Only two more of these residency shows left in this series in a year long celebration of our decade in existence.  We’ve posted some pics, tracks and video from the night, including the entire Pavement covers set and ZL covering Beck’s “Devils Haircut”.  We will update content it as more comes in.  Stay with us.

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Midriff/Verbicide, Show/Bout Wrap Up

On July 28th, 2012 Radio hosted Night 6 of our year long residency at the club commemorating our decade meddling in the Indie/DIY music landscape.  We asked the wonderful folks of Verbicide Magazine to co-curate.  Verbicide got Yellow Bird Project involved and YBP was generous enough to provide us with a copy of their “Indie Rock Poster Book” to raffle off the night of the event.  It was an incredibly special evening with amazing performances by Home Body, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Greg Lyon and Eldridge Rodriguez.  Verbicide has some great shots and a gallery of the bands here. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to the super bands that performed.  Thanks to Yellow Bird Project for being so charitable, Radio for being so supportive and allowing us to continue having these events, and to Verbicide for participating and consistently being fresh, informative and one of the few music mags out there whose opinion I trust. I took some awful I-phone pics of the other three bands, but I have them so I’mma gonna show ‘em. Thanks again everyone.

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Oscar Worthy Performance?

To: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

Re: MiniBoone “Brand New Thing” and specifically Cameron Keiber’s groundbreaking performance… I broke ground!!!

Our buddy Pat Breen of GarbageTown Films just released a video for MiniBoone’s “Brand New Thing”. It’s a beautiful and fantastical story of two kids’ journey to get fucked up on junk food. They steal, reflect and party at Bigfoot’s house all while trippin’ balls.

But our favorite part is the stellar performance by the young fresh faced actor playing the convenience store clerk, a subtle yet complex portrayal of a man struggling against time and disrespectful youth to reclaim his rightful place in a chaotic world. A performance that is only enhanced once one lipreads the immense stream of profanities flung from his mouth in such a short amount of screen time. The role of a lifetime not so much for the actor but for you, the viewer, and Beatings/Eldridge Rodriguez fans the world round.  All this and looks too… I’m officially a triple threat! Oh, and Pat made one hell of an awesome video.  For your consideration…


UPDATE!!! UPDATE !!!! Midriff vs. Verbicide Mag. for Night VI of Residency at Radio

We are half way through our year long residency at Radio in Somerville, Ma commemorating our decade of indie/DIY music. It’s a blast. We have something special happening for the July edition.   We’ve asked our friends at the online magazine Verbicide to co-curate the evening. It’s going to be great.  We’ve been fans of Verbicide since back when they were publishing their print edition. What is great about their magazine is that although music is heavily featured their focus goes beyond that.  Verbicide’s Fiction section is fantastic and their original Comics are inspired.  It’s really a great institution, with tons to check out and if you haven’t been visiting them regularly you are cheating yourself.  We really dig them and were psyched that they’d be building the July bill with us.


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Free Download: Vapour Trail (Ride cover)

Jay Breitling runs the fantastic Clicky Clicky Music Blog. This month Jay curated a wonderful compilation album featuring Boston bands covering the album Nowhere by Ride which is available as a free download. Midriff artists Eldridge Rodriguez and Greg Lyon both contributed tracks to the album, and Lyon designed the artwork. It’s a really fun release that will excite fans of Ride as well as fans of the participating bands. Jay guest posts this week and introduces our latest free downloadable single, only available here at Midriff Records.

Eldridge Rodriguez: Vapour Trail (Ride cover)

You ever find $100 on the ground and there’s nobody around for blocks and you’re holding the bill in your hand and smiling and saying “holy shit,” over and over again, no exclamation point needed because there’s no one there to hear you? No? Well that’s too bad — happens to me all the time. But most recently I got that feeling when the songs started to roll in to Clicky Clicky headquarters for Nofuckingwhere, the free, digital compilation we released a couple weeks back. In case you missed it, Nofuckingwhere featured 11 Boston bands performing the 11 songs from RIDE’s 1990 classic shoegaze album Nowhere. We added the fucking. Judge not lest you be judged.

Download after the jump…

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E.R. interview in “Allston Pudding”

Eldridge Rodriguez Check out the new interview and CD/live performance review now up on the Allston Pudding site. E.R. talks about writing, solo performing, and the origins of his album title. Check it out!

Vote for E.R. in the Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll

Eldridge RodriguezCongratulations are in order! Midriff’s very own Eldridge Rodriguez has been nominated by the Boston Phoenix as Best Male Vocalist in their annual Best Music Poll! In our humble opinions, this is a nomination that is long overdue. Please do your patriotic duty and get over to the Boston Phoenix and vote him to the top! Good luck, E.R.!

P.S. While you’re over there, consider writing in The Beatings for Best Video, won’t you? We ain’t too proud to beg.