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Midriff/Verbicide, Show/Bout Wrap Up

On July 28th, 2012 Radio hosted Night 6 of our year long residency at the club commemorating our decade meddling in the Indie/DIY music landscape.  We asked the wonderful folks of Verbicide Magazine to co-curate.  Verbicide got Yellow Bird Project involved and YBP was generous enough to provide us with a copy of their “Indie Rock Poster Book” to raffle off the night of the event.  It was an incredibly special evening with amazing performances by Home Body, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Greg Lyon and Eldridge Rodriguez.  Verbicide has some great shots and a gallery of the bands here. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to the super bands that performed.  Thanks to Yellow Bird Project for being so charitable, Radio for being so supportive and allowing us to continue having these events, and to Verbicide for participating and consistently being fresh, informative and one of the few music mags out there whose opinion I trust. I took some awful I-phone pics of the other three bands, but I have them so I’mma gonna show ‘em. Thanks again everyone.

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UPDATE!!! UPDATE !!!! Midriff vs. Verbicide Mag. for Night VI of Residency at Radio

We are half way through our year long residency at Radio in Somerville, Ma commemorating our decade of indie/DIY music. It’s a blast. We have something special happening for the July edition.   We’ve asked our friends at the online magazine Verbicide to co-curate the evening. It’s going to be great.  We’ve been fans of Verbicide since back when they were publishing their print edition. What is great about their magazine is that although music is heavily featured their focus goes beyond that.  Verbicide’s Fiction section is fantastic and their original Comics are inspired.  It’s really a great institution, with tons to check out and if you haven’t been visiting them regularly you are cheating yourself.  We really dig them and were psyched that they’d be building the July bill with us.


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Praise for Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie

Greg Lyon’s very excellent album, Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie, which we released this past December, has been getting tons of love from the writing crowd. If you missed it upon its release, get it now. The Boston Globe has some very nice things to say about it:

Rare is the album that simultaneously sounds like a bracing debut and the lived-in work of a grizzled guy who’s been around the block a few times. But this brilliantly bleary, restlessly free-roaming collection of songs from local music veteran Greg Lyon feels both fresh and familiar: an unburdening of pent-up impulses that bubbled and scraped during his days spent in stylistically divergent local bands such as Pending Disappointment, Kipper Tin, and the Beatings, among others.

“I don’t want to hear songs about love,’’ Lyon sings sourly on the brusque, Bob Mould-ian “Trainwreck,’’ a brisk dart through a ’90s indie-rock playbook of clotted guitars and rehearsal-space production. “I want to hear about the bad times and nights in the ruts.’’ And so we do, over the course of a record whose hours for bruised reflection seem to hover somewhere around 3 or 4 a.m. Or, in the case of the hungover haze of the title track, a few hours later, after the “flask has turned up empty’’ amid the stagger-step of a saloon piano and Lyon’s foggy J Mascis-meets-Grandaddy croak.

Best-laid plans curdling into bitter memories (“What Have We Come To’’); better days deserting nowhere towns (“Industrial Park’’); and a resigned regard for a palpable, if melodically pretty, malaise (“Lying to Myself’’) are just a few of the cheerful topics under consideration here. Sounds about right for 4 a.m. in Poughkeepsie — or anywhere else for that matter.


Greg Lyon: Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie

Greg Lyon: Nowhere Near PoughkeepsieMidriff Records is releasing the debut solo album by Boston music mainstay Greg Lyon on Dec. 4, 2010. It is titled Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie and PA’s Lounge in Somerville MA will host the record release party on Sat. 12/4. The album will be available in digital and hardcopy format at outlets such as Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, local walk in record stores, etc. and of course, the Midriff Records Store. Greg has been a fixture in the Boston music scene for years starting with Kipper Tin feat. Sarah Borges at the turn of the century. He backed Eldridge Rodriguez on 3 albums and has fronted and written for Pending Disappointment and The Spanish Armada. Two years ago he was invited to become the 5th permanent member of The Beatings and he has a regular job in non-Midriffers, Birds Make Birds.

Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie features performances by Sarah Borges, Eldridge Rodriguez, and members of the Spanish Armada. The guy is connected. Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie displays Lyon’s vast influences, ranging from 60′s pop, to Alt Country, to Indie Rock. Simple song structures with low-fi production and warm organ tones are spread throughout Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie creating a familiar yet whole original listening experience. You will want a copy… you will need a copy. Lets support one of Boston’s finest!