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Ian Adams: Illustrating Nightmare, Part One

Ian Adams: Illustrator (Video)

Ian Adams (or EEE as he often signs his work) has been a fixture on the Boston music and art scene for twenty years. He first gained recognition with his psycho-surf band 8-Ball Shifter, which he followed by fronting sleaze-rockers Rock City Crime Wave. A few years ago he released a solo effort on Midriff Records titled Stay Up Late  (produced by Eldridge Rodriguez) and today he’s got a new rock project called Zen Lung.

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Ian Adams: Illustrator (Video)

We are huge fans of Ian Adams’ artwork. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be posting galleries of his work in a new blog feature called That Looks Awesome. That Looks Awesome will focus on visual artists that we admire and showcase our favorite pieces. But first, as an introduction, welcome to the dark world of the illist of illustrators, Boston’s own Ian Adams.

Ian Adams: Illustrator was shot, directed and produced by Midriff Records’ in-house team of Cameron Keiber and Tom Bellotti.

Soundtrack – Ian Adams: “Stay Up Late” from the album Stay Up Late.

Ian Adams in the Boston Phoenix

Ian Adams
Midriff’s own Ian Adams talks to the Boston Phoenix about growing up, maturing, and engaging in secret, eternal rituals. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about rock and the Freemasons but were afraid to ask. If Ian is half as spooky as a Freemason as he is a singer, we don’t know, and we don’t want to know. We got to the part about the Hazing Goat and lawsuits and stopped reading. Enjoy.