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In case you didn’t show… No Love debut wrap up w/ vid

No Love had their debut show Wends. 11/7/12 at the Middle East Downstairs as part of the Victory at Sea Reunion Show and Benefit for Donna Shroupsky-Rains.  Donna faces mounting medical bills while battling breast cancer and the crowd came out in force to support her and help make things slightly more manageable.  Personally, it was a great honor to share the stage with Victory at Sea, a band who The Beatings came up in the scene with and we’ve always felt a sense of camaraderie.

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Wrap Up: Special Presentation… “It’s An Indie Rock Halloween, Midriff Records!!!” – Night IX of the Midriff Records Residency at Radio

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This past Sat. Oct. 27th was one of the most entertaining and wacky nights of the residency so far.  Eldridge Rodriguez was joined by Erin (The Beatings) and Will (Soccer Mom) for a wonderfully loose and respectful set of Pavement covers (never one to break character, Dennis played with a backpack on for the entire set).  Reports played a spot on and energetic set of  New Zealand’s The Clean and ZL rocked a set of songs about Satan with some of the best onstage banter in ages.  In between sets ZL front man Ian Adams read excerpts from “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” and back at the Psychics at Large table the guys organized ghost tours of the club to show off their gear.  We raffled off the original poster art of the show by Ian Adams and were able to raise some money for The Home for Little Wanders in Boston, MA.  And the night ended with hours of drunkin’ Ouija Boarding at the P.A.L. table till the wee hours of the morning.  What a blast!  If you missed it, you missed out.  That is how Halloween parties should be.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks once again to Radio for hosting us.  Only two more of these residency shows left in this series in a year long celebration of our decade in existence.  We’ve posted some pics, tracks and video from the night, including the entire Pavement covers set and ZL covering Beck’s “Devils Haircut”.  We will update content it as more comes in.  Stay with us.

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