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I Was Lonely…Then You Showed Up- Ellen Ruden, Our Gallery and Interview

NYC photographer Ellen Ruden shoots vast and beautiful landscapes and cityscapes.  Her vibrant colors give her work a dream like quality often characteristic of impressionists, but Ruden’s colors pop so vividly while combined  with such desolation that I can’t help feeling there is a slight surreal element fighting to poke through as well. Her b/w’s are just as striking, giving the prevailing sense of loneliness and isolation, that are such a common theme in her work, extra depth… the extra bit of “umph” that really sells a  piece for the viewer. We like it a lot. So should you.

We did a bit of an interview with her that we’ll post below/following the gallery of  her work. In said interview we discussed big, big ideas like “What constitutes “art”?”, “Is the work always a fair and accurate representation of the artist?” and “How you gonna keep the girl in Iowa now that she’s seen the big city”… among other things, both personal and whimsical.  If you’d like to contact the artist please do so through the blog via our “Contacts” page.

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Tom Bellotti: Photographer

Resident Midriff videographer Tom Bellotti takes pretty pictures.  When he’s not snapping candid shots of his local musician and artist buddies in his hometown of Cambridge, MA he’s popping off beautifully skewed still lifes of everyday objects. But what really wreck us are his stunning pictures of nature.  His pics of the West Virginia night sky instill a sense of wonder at the vastness of space while his bird portraits are so well composed that if we didn’t already know, we’d assume were staged.  All of it done with a sharpness and crispness that allow every detail of his subjects to pop with equal clarity.  We’ve picked some of our favorites.  For print pricing and/or to contact Tom, feel free to email him directly.

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