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The Scrutiny Podcast – 003 w/ Luke O’Neil, Tad Mckitterick and Maxwell Nagel

Scrutiny place holderRichard Bouchard and I continue our exciting and unfair exploration of the music scene here in Boston and beyond in the April edition of The Scrutiny Podcast.  Our guests for this episode are writer Luke O’Neil (The Village Voice, Esquire), musician Tad Mckitterick of the glam rock band Sidewalk Driver and owner/blogger of the brand new Indie, Bikes and Beer Blog Maxwell Nagel.  It’s our first annual sausage fest!

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The Scrutiny Podcast – 001 w/ Anngelle Wood, Carl Lavin, Rob Potylo

Scrutiny place holderMany, many… many weeks ago former Boston Band Crush editor, Richard Bouchard and I sat at Radio, bitching about certain constructs of the Boston music scene.  “Why are booking agents like…” and “Does Boston radio really need more…” and “Media?!?!… let me tell you somethin’ about local media”… we eventually evened out and realized how entertaining, cathartic and informative these sessions could be.  I’ve talked to out of state friends and participated in similar discussions all across the country.  Everyone in every music scene everywhere are having them.  Frank, honest, emotional, sometimes unfair conversations about music and the music industry are ubiquitous.

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