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Oscar Worthy Performance?

To: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

Re: MiniBoone “Brand New Thing” and specifically Cameron Keiber’s groundbreaking performance… I broke ground!!!

Our buddy Pat Breen of GarbageTown Films just released a video for MiniBoone’s “Brand New Thing”. It’s a beautiful and fantastical story of two kids’ journey to get fucked up on junk food. They steal, reflect and party at Bigfoot’s house all while trippin’ balls.

But our favorite part is the stellar performance by the young fresh faced actor playing the convenience store clerk, a subtle yet complex portrayal of a man struggling against time and disrespectful youth to reclaim his rightful place in a chaotic world. A performance that is only enhanced once one lipreads the immense stream of profanities flung from his mouth in such a short amount of screen time. The role of a lifetime not so much for the actor but for you, the viewer, and Beatings/Eldridge Rodriguez fans the world round.  All this and looks too… I’m officially a triple threat! Oh, and Pat made one hell of an awesome video.  For your consideration…


Ian Adams: Illustrator (Video)

We are huge fans of Ian Adams’ artwork. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be posting galleries of his work in a new blog feature called That Looks Awesome. That Looks Awesome will focus on visual artists that we admire and showcase our favorite pieces. But first, as an introduction, welcome to the dark world of the illist of illustrators, Boston’s own Ian Adams.

Ian Adams: Illustrator was shot, directed and produced by Midriff Records’ in-house team of Cameron Keiber and Tom Bellotti.

Soundtrack – Ian Adams: “Stay Up Late” from the album Stay Up Late.

VIDEO /// The Beatings: All The Things You’ve Been Missing

Director/Producer: Steven San Miguel at Mupalia Pictures.

From the album Late Season Kids.

Shot around Boston and at the world famous O’Briens in Allston, MA. Enjoy!

VIDEO /// The NBA gets Get Help

Get Help’s instrumental track SPF 45, an outtake from their album The End of the New Country, provides the backdrop for an NBA Cares ad featuring Pao Gasol. “SPF 45″ and a remix of TEOTNC track “Carne Asada” were also featured on Nat Geo and PBS Television’s Adventures with Ruth.

VIDEO /// The Beatings: Feel Good Ending

From the album Holding on to Hand Grenades.

VIDEO /// Scuba: Gary Power’s Spyplane

From Scuba’s self-titled album.

VIDEO /// Eldridge Rodriguez: You Get What You Want

VIDEO /// Eldridge Rodriguez: Stillborn in New Jersey

From the album This Conspiracy Against Us.