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The Bubbler (MyTV38, Sunday 11 PM) – An Unapologetically Biased Review

We were pretty pleased when we heard that Ryan Spaulding was getting a TV show. We were excited for him and the local music scene that he has supported for 6 years.  He’s championed our label and roster since his beginnings and we’ll be eternally grateful. Least you think this is a sycophantic ploy to get on his show, let it be known… we’re already on it.  In fact, we were doubly pleased when the show asked permission to use The Beatings, “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” as the program’s theme music.

Everything about this show is really wonderful. It’s a slick looking program. But more than that,  The Bubbler  displays a comprehensive understanding of the New England music scene.  It’s real boots on the ground programing. If allowed to continue indefinitely you get the sense that eventually the show will feature every single person who ever picked up an instrument in Boston… and that’s good.  You need that passion to convey a complete picture. It’s a bold and ambitious pursuit and I think this show could ingrain itself into the historical fabric of the New England  music scene and beyond.  An institution. The interviews  are insightful and relevant without losing the playful spark that makes rock and roll journalism so wonderfully fun and effortless to absorb.  They’ve got live performances and the narrative video format… all new and different each week. They are packing a lot into a half hour show.  Ryan and crew are there, going to shows, putting in the time in the clubs, working to expose new music and digging deeper and deeper into a bottomless well of bands every week.  It’s that type of comprehensive awareness of everything that is happening in a scene, prioritizing by artistic merit, not cheapening the scenes national reputation by selling out to trends or  leaning only toward the fashionistas , or, say, giving an award/accolades to hackey drama clowns because their PR team got them on a magazine cover (a band universally panned everywhere else but…. in Boston the other night) that is often in short supply in the media.  Media outlets are constantly looking to attach themselves to the kids getting attention (for better or worse)  and this year’s model, substance and sincerity be damned, “Bring on the dancing cool kids”. The Bubbler doesn’t seem to be reaching that way.  There seems to be a mutually shared or reciprocated integrity between the show and it’s subjects.  The show’s producers aren’t playing cheap or exclusively looking for cartoon-ish rock characters. There is a real loving artistry in the episodes.  Each week, Ryan and director Jonathan Case  treat every aspect of the diverse Boston scene with a knowledgeable and respectful tone which fuels the viewers desires to find out more about, not just the featured artist, but the New England scene as a whole. The precision and care that Ryan puts into his blog, Ryan’s Smashing Life, is on full HD display on the Bubbler and that’s good… for the entire scene.  I’m unaware of similar programing in other cities… maybe there is,  but it’s not ours.  If you are a fan of the scene, play in the scene, love music and aren’t watching it, you’re fucking up.  Support this!  Watch it and tell people about it! Submit material to it and be a part of it! The Bubbler airs Sunday nights at 11:00 PM on MyTV38 in the New England area. Full disclosure, I was asked to appear in this past Sunday’s episode dated 12/2/12 (the third to air I believe) and was given permission by Jonathan and Ryan to post my segment here. Other pertinent links and video below.

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Cameron Keiber interview segment on The Bubbler 12/2/12 from Midriff Records on Vimeo.

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