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The Scrutiny Podcast – 001 w/ Anngelle Wood, Carl Lavin, Rob Potylo

Scrutiny place holderMany, many… many weeks ago former Boston Band Crush editor, Richard Bouchard and I sat at Radio, bitching about certain constructs of the Boston music scene.  “Why are booking agents like…” and “Does Boston radio really need more…” and “Media?!?!… let me tell you somethin’ about local media”… we eventually evened out and realized how entertaining, cathartic and informative these sessions could be.  I’ve talked to out of state friends and participated in similar discussions all across the country.  Everyone in every music scene everywhere are having them.  Frank, honest, emotional, sometimes unfair conversations about music and the music industry are ubiquitous.

So we hatched a plan to start documenting as many different conversations with as many different people as possible in a podcast.  We are starting in our hometown of Boston, MA with the intent of including touring bands/people when the opportunity arises.  This is the first one. It was recorded at Radio in Somerville back in October 2012.

Each episode will follow Richard and myself along with a panel of three guests as we discuss topical issues that we feel are pertinent to the greater music scene and relevant to our panel in a loose, informal and often catty way.  Each episode is peppered with music by independent bands, each episode will be recorded at a different music venue and each episode will feature a guest announcer.

Since it’s our first episode, this one is rife with technical glitches and sound issues. We will be working all of this out as the series goes on, so please stick with us (always looking for an engineer – wink, wink). A full list of music that you’ll hear can be found at the end of the program and I’ll put a partial credit list below.  If you’d like to sponsor an episode, or submit music or appear on a future episode please email us at cameron [AT] midriffrecords [dot] com.  We’ll be producing these as quickly as humanly possible. Richard and I thank you for listening.  Thanks to our panel, venue and announcer for this episode.  Tell a friend. It was fun to do.  Hope you enjoy it.  As always, you can leave your comments below.

The Scrutiny Podcast – Episode #001

Listen at Soundcloud

Guests: Carl Lavin, Anngelle Wood, Rob Potylo

Announcer: Dave Unger

Theme Music: Kudgel – “15 Second Crush”

Featured Track: Rob Potylo – “Bill Hicks”

Engineer: Cameron Keiber

This episode was recorded at Radio, 381 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143 in October 2012





  • Cameron on Jan 12, 2013 Reply

    Yeah, there will always be a taste maker aspect to the media, but the problem with a policy of tastemaking is that you eventually begin doing your subjects a disservice by inhibiting any longevity for them. If a media outlet is always hopping from act to act claiming they are the best around, well… that only goes so far before people don’t trust you. Dig in! Honestly promote something you believe in. Something sincere that will last more than a release cycle. Just because it’s fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s art. I don’t know. I’m old fashioned and kind of a tyrant when it comes to stuff it appreciate. In my world, Karmin and Katchagoogoo and the like never would have seen the light of day. But that’s me, angry old guy who still believes art and substance trump commerce and fashion… alone on a small and terrible island.

  • joe III on Jan 11, 2013 Reply

    great podcast, super insightful, for anyone wondering what really goes on in making a music scene, in the city or anywhere really. the media will always copycat..the whole thing is a bandwagon no? who’s cool? who’s interesting? i think there will always be a backburner, for the underdogs..and then one breaks scene for a while, now who’s cool?

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