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The Scrutiny Podcast – 002 w/ Sophia Cacciola, Sabrina Boyd, Ryan Spaulding

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Several months ago Richard Bouchard, former editor of the Boston Band Crush Blog, and I hatched a plan to record a series of  panel discussions with local and national music industry folks on topics that effected them directly.  It was the same conversations we were all  having late night at a party or after a show at the club.  These conversations can get heated, bitter, unfair and loaded and we weren’t sure that people would be willing to expose that side of themselves publicly through frank discussion. We found that they will.  By having honest and frank discussions we learn something new, validate a perspective we may not have had before and come to an understanding on the people and processes of a community we cherish.  Sharing is a wonderful and humbling experience and we are gonna do more of it.

Our first episode was fantastic and was posted on this blog last month.  Since then, we have worked out some of the technical glitches and sound issues that plagued us on the first one.  Hopefully this makes for a more enjoyable listen.  Now we only have some kind of wood nymphs in the gear, which you’ll hear twice in episode 002 (monsters in the wiring … exciting!).

Our panel for this episode was knowledgeable, spirited, open and honest and it made for a super discussion.  Our panel was Sophia Cacciola (of the band Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling), Sabrina Boyd (of and Ryan Spaulding (of television’s The Bubbler,  It was a great panel and we appreciate their time and thoughts.  Thanks also to Carl and Tim at Great Scott in Allston, MA where this episode was recorded. Thanks to the incomparable Michael J. Epstein who was our announcer this episode. A full list of music that you’ll hear in episode 002 can be found at the end of the program and I’ll put a partial credit list below.  If you’d like to sponsor an episode, or submit music or appear on a future episode please email us at cameron [AT] midriffrecords [dot] com.  We’ll be producing these as quickly as humanly possible. Richard and I thank you for listening.  Thanks to our panel, venue and announcer for this episode.  If you dig it, please tell a friend.  We are a supply and demand industry… we’ll keep putting them out if you keep listening.  Thanks.  As always, you can leave your comments below.

The Scrutiny Podcast – Episode #002

Listen at Soundcloud

Guests: Sophia Cacciola, Sabrina Boyd, Ryan Spaulding

Announcer: Michael J. Epstein

Theme Music: Kudgel – “15 Second Crush”

Featured Track: Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling – “Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling”

Engineer: Cameron Keiber

This episode was recorded at Great Scott 1222 Commonwealth Ave (corner of Harvard and Commonwealth)
Allston, MA 02134

The Scrutiny Podcast – 002 was recorded Jan. 2013


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