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The Scrutiny Podcast – 003 w/ Luke O’Neil, Tad Mckitterick and Maxwell Nagel

Scrutiny place holderRichard Bouchard and I continue our exciting and unfair exploration of the music scene here in Boston and beyond in the April edition of The Scrutiny Podcast.  Our guests for this episode are writer Luke O’Neil (The Village Voice, Esquire), musician Tad Mckitterick of the glam rock band Sidewalk Driver and owner/blogger of the brand new Indie, Bikes and Beer Blog Maxwell Nagel.  It’s our first annual sausage fest!

A lot had happened in the indie music world between recording the Feb. episode and this one and we tried to touch on as much as time would allow.  Even with some editing this piece runs about 2 hours, so get yourself something to eat and settle in.  We talked about SxSW, Boston’s Rock and Roll Rumble, the heartbreaking end of the legendary alt weekly The Boston Phoenix,  the mediocre “talent” that is Justin Timberlake and much more.  We also got into Max’s Kickstarter campaign for the Indie, Bikes and Beer Blog and the subsequent Village Voice article written by Luke which questioned  it.  Former Phoenix music editor and Vanya Records head Michael Marrotta sent over some great tracks from his roster to use between segments and my dirty secret of being addicted to e-cigs was revealed.  To top it off, Tad allowed us to post an exclusive Sidewalk Driver track as our featured song, a version of “Kidnapped” recorded in London by Danton Supple (prod/engin. Coldplay, Morrissey, Patti Smith) that is only available here in episode 003 of The Scrutiny Podcast.

We also took a dive into talking about the various aspects of selling music in this day and age and the importance of a help desk. You may ask what is help desk, well I didn’t know either.. but it’s the software you use to communicate with people who have difficult buying products on your site etc via an email / CRM system. It is VITAL you have one.

Special thanks to super guy and my Eldridge Rodriguez bandmate David Grabowski for coming down, taking pictures and helping out (that’s right, thanks to Dave you now have faces to the voices).  Thanks to Walter Sickert, Brighton Music Hall and our panel. Pertinent show info and links are below.  Thanks for spending time with us.  Hope it was enjoyable.

You can listen to Episode 001 here and Episode 002 here… should you need context or a back story.  Please let us know what you think by chiming in on the comments section below.

The Scrutiny Podcast – Episode #003

To listen at Soundcloud

Guests: writer Luke O’Neil, musician Tad Mckitterick (of Sidewalk Driver) and Indie, Bikes and Beer blogger Maxwell Nagel.

Announcer: Walter Sickert (of Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys)

Theme Music: Kudgel – “15 Second Crush”

Featured Track: Sidewalk Driver – “Kidnapped”

Engineer: Cameron Keiber

This episode was recorded at Brighton Music Hall, 158 Brighton Ave  Allston, MA 02134

The Scrutiny Podcast – 003 was recorded March 23, 2013

Pics by David Grabowski

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