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The Scrutiny Podcast 006: Rodrigo Van Stoli, Darryl Shepherd, Nick Blakey

Scrutiny place holderMidriff Records and Indie Rock Ranger present a podcast of frank, candid and often unfair discussion on music, music fans, media and musician related issues. Some rants, rebuttal and besmirching. Explicit content. Hosted by Cameron Keiber (Midriff Records) and Richard Bouchard (Indie Rock Ranger Presents…). This episode is our “grumpy rockers yelling at each other” special! Panel for Episode 6 features Rodrigo Van Stoli (Bang CamaroGymnasium, Aquanutz),  Darryl Shepherd (Black Pyramid, The Scimitar), and booking agent Nick Blakey (fr. The In Out, The Takers, Midway Cafe).  This episode is sponsored by Studio 52 in Allston (Rock City), MA.

This is a barn burner where we yell at each other about topics ranging from cover bands, The Boston Music Awards, touring, booking, etc.  It’s all over the place and that may have something to do with the amount of beer our hosts drank during recording.  Good stuff.  Our announcer for this episode is Michael J. Epstein.  The music are demos/previews for the upcoming Eldridge Rodriguez album.  Our theme music, as always, is Kudgel “15 Second Crush” which you can get at the Midriff Records Store in the link above.  Scroll through the Midriff Blog to listen to episodes 1-5.  Thanks for listening.

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