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The Scrutiny Podcast – Episode 004 w/ Katrina Galore, Chris Barrett and Ruby Rose Fox

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427634_357082007655461_1810921681_nEpisode 004 of The Scrutiny Podcast presented by Midriff Records and Indie Rock Ranger is sponsored by the Clicky Clicky Music Blog.  Check them out at

Richard Bouchard and I continue our exciting and unfair exploration of the music scene here in Boston and beyond in the May edition of The Scrutiny Podcast, and learn how music is produced, using the best equipment from sites as Music Critic that is perfect for different kind of music productions.

After taking April off due to the chaos that befell our city we are back in force in May!  Thanks to the super talented Katrina Galore and E. Stephen Fredrick for hosting us at Torrent Engine 18 in Dorchester, MA (a part of town that’s not nearly as scary as people are having you believe), a beautiful former firehouse that they are in the process of re-proposing as arts space.   In addition, our panel included multi-instrumentalist and everyone’s favorite trumpeter Chris Barrett (Kingsly Flood /Eddie Japan) and singer/songwriter/bandleader/wunderkind,  Ruby Rose Fox.

Topics this episode include: Crowd sourcing (all three panelists had successful crowd sourcing campaigns and that really got our goat), the Boston P.D.’s recent crackdown on house shows, the current trend of posi-blogging and Merle Allin’s (of The Murder Junkies fame) misguided campaign to hunt down and kill Richard.  Hell of a show.  And the great news?  We kept it shorter than “On Point” this time!  Suck it, Ashbrook!

This is a special episode because Episode 004 is sponsored by the Clicky Clicky Music Blog! Which means not only can you check out this episode here, on the Midriff Blog, but if you get bored of the scenery you can head over to Clicky Clicky and finish up listening to it there.  Unless of course you started listening to it there first, in which case this has fallen on deaf ears.  Thanks to Jay Breitling and the Clicky Clicky Music Blog for the team up this episode.  Its a great blog that you should already be checking out regularly.

Pertinent show info and links are below.  Thanks for spending time with us.  Hope it was enjoyable. You can listen to Episode 001 here, Episode 002 here and Episode 003 here… should you need context or a back story.  If you dig the show please tell a friend.  We’ll keep doing them as long as you keep listening.  Please let us know what you think by chiming in on the comments section below.  Talk at you in June.

The Scrutiny Podcast – Episode #004

To listen at Soundcloud

Hosted by Cameron Keiber and Richard Bouchard

Guests: artists Katrina Galore and E. Stephen Fredrick, musician Chris Barrett (of Kingsley Flood/Eddie Japan) and musician Ruby Rose Fox.

Announcer: Ian Adams (Z*L)

Theme Music: Kudgel – “15 Second Crush”

Featured Tracks: “Old Fashioned” – Ruby Rose Fox and “The Other Way” – Dr. Vorhees (Chris Barrett)

Engineer: Cameron Keiber

This episode was recorded at Torrent Engine 18, 30 Harvard St, Boston (Dorchester), MA 02121

The Scrutiny Podcast – 004 was recorded May 19, 2013


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