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The Scrutiny Podcast – Episode 005 w/ Karl Stevens, Tim Chamberlain, Brad Searles

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Episode 005 of The Scrutiny Podcast presented by Midriff Records and Indie Rock Ranger is sponsored by Indie Rock Ranger’s Holiday Spectacular at The Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge, MA on December 14, 2013. Details here  with tickets available at .


Richard Bouchard and I continue our exciting and unfair exploration of the music scene here, in Boston, and beyond in the December edition of The Scrutiny Podcast.


After an incredibly long hiatus we finally got around to doing an episode on a topic we’ve been threatening to discuss for months… comic books.  More spesificly the points where indie rock and graphic art meet.  It was a wonderful discussion and we got a lot off our fanboy chests. Our panel for Episode 5 features artist/cartoonist Karl Stevens (Failure, Guilty), artist/cartoonist Tim Chamberlain (Our Valued Customers) and Brad Searles (Bradley’s Almanac Blog).  So much insight, so much art, so much geek rage and misguided righteous indignation.

Thanks to our panel, who were great.  Also special thanks to Carl Lavin and Tim Philbin at Great Scott in Allston, MA for once again hosting us and providing us with a venue at which to record on very short notice.

We had no guest announcer this episode and I give the musical credits at the end of the program (which includes tracks by Gondoliers, Guillermo Sexo, Z*L, and a few off the Eldridge Rodriguez holiday album including the Ryan’s Smashing Life Mix of “Christmas Eve (At Old Country Buffet)” which isn’t on the Ep because, hey,  it’s the holidays and you deserve something special) so I’m skipping my usual credits list here.  In lieu of credits I present you with a photo of Richard and friends attending a Renaissance Faire dressed as crew members of the USS Starship Enterprise.  For the complete story listen to the podcast. Richard tells the events of the day in graphic detail and  its an amazing story.

Note: the audio of my wrap up at the end is a little blown out because it was late and I mistakenly bumped a dial and by the time I noticed it I was unwilling to go back and re-record. I am aware of it so please don’t bring it to my attention… I don’t care.

Thanks for spending time with us.  Hope it was enjoyable. You can listen to Episode 001 here, Episode 002 here and Episode 003 here and episode 004 here… should you need context or a back story.  If you dig the show please tell a friend.  We’ll keep doing them as long as you keep listening.  Please let us know what you think by chiming in on the comments section below.  Talk at you in 2014 if not before.  Episode 006 is in the can so you should have it soon.  Stay safe. Thanks.










(The Wizard in the Kings Court called Bouchard a Yeoman in Captain’s clothing)

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